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Everything that we do comes from a Holistic Business Structure. As a developing family business, all our Salt Caves become a personal investment. Our Licensee Program is an opportunity to become a part of something much larger; a movement. Salt Caves Canada Inc. does not just sell you a product and wish you good luck, we take on a personal interest in your dreams, and we do our best to make them a reality.



Our program offers the opportunity to run your own business; with continued support through the start up process to the finished product.

The Licensee Program is uniquely designed with guaranteed customer approval. We care about your personal satisfaction of making it and that you are a proud owner of something you have envisioned.

Wojciech Chalcarz and his team of specialists, have designed a program that is flexible and easy to follow. After running his own facility since 2011 and quickly expanding to a second location, we understand the complexity of starting from scratch. Joining our family of Healing Salt Caves® offers you and your clients the reassurance that you are being taken care of.

Sarita Khan | Owner of Salt Cave Spa & Halotherapy Center, Vermont with Wojciech Chalcarz | Founder of Salt Caves Canada

Sarita Khan | Owner of Salt Cave Spa & Halotherapy Center, Vermont VT with Wojciech Chalcarz | Founder of Salt Caves Canada


Become a part of the Healing Salt Cave legacy and help transform the medical industry.

True therapeutic properties of a Healing Salt Cave


All our Healing Salt Caves follow the same standards that have been set out by the Canadian Halotherapy Association. This ensures that all your clients will be exposed to the TRUE therapeutic properties of a Healing Salt Cave.

Exit door salt cave Indianapolis

No Two Caves are Alike

All our caves follow a standard, but no two caves are alike. We value your opinion and dream and incorporate them into your personal salt cave. From the entrance door to the kids’ sections … the choice is yours!

“We researched a number of companies who build salt caves and selected Salt Caves of Canada to build ours. This decision was based on their commitment to making it a healing cave, not just a successful commercial venture. Their imagination in creating a cave like grotto inside our classic barn was superb and we have zero regrets in hiring them to build our salt cave.”

Sarita Khan | Vermont

“I am the owner of Salt Life Cave and Spa in Uxbridge, Ontario…Part of the Healing Salt Cave family built by Salt Caves Canada. They did an absolute fabulous job here in the building of my salt cave. All of my clients and people who have seen the cave are just in awe of the beauty and serenity of the cave. I chose this company because they build the rooms to be used as treatment rooms. We are helping so many people with respiratory issues, and people certainly notice a difference after even just one session. There are a lot of salt rooms that claim to provide salt therapy at their locations but do not have Halogenerator! That is the main part of your business! So grateful to have worked with, and continue to work with such wonderful people. Thanks Salt Caves Canada!”

Jerri Wright | Uxbridge

We guarantee that you will be a proud owner of your Healing Salt Cave!

Each Healing Salt Cave project that we take on we treat as our own. Being proud owners of two locations (Hamilton and Niagara Falls, ON) we know the value of a business. We ensure you that you will be 100% satisfied with our work.

Tadgi and Kelly DeBerg | Owners of AURA Salt Cave and Wellness, Amherst NY

Tadgi and Kelly DeBerg | Owners of AURA Salt Cave and Wellness, Amherst NY

Mike | Owner of Salt Therapy, London ON

Lukasz Chmieleski | Co-Owner of Quantum Float and Salt Cave, London ON