Why do I need a Generator for my Salt Cave?2018-09-29T15:05:15-04:00

The Halogenerator found within a Healing Salt Cave is the heart of the room. It needs to be installed for individuals to receive true therapeutic properties within one of our Salt Caves.

How long does it take to build a Salt Cave?2018-09-24T08:18:37-04:00

There are many factors that affect the duration of your project. Size, concept, treatment rooms, and the time it takes for you to acquire a location; are a few of the many determinants. We can assure you that we work efficiently to provide you with a result you are proud of, in a realistic time frame!

How much does it cost?2018-09-24T08:19:01-04:00

The cost of the project varies due to many variables (i.e. size of facility, the treatment rooms you are looking to have, and location of your facility). We work with your budget to help your dreams become a reality. The cost of the project is further discussed during the consultation and estimation period.

Can I build a cave without being a licensee?2018-09-29T15:07:01-04:00

All business owners who choose Salt Caves Canada Inc. become a member of our family through our licensee program. We can assure you that you will be a proud owner who is involved with our Healing Salt Cave name and brand!

Do you offer a business proposal?2018-09-24T08:19:24-04:00

Yes. If you require a business proposal to get you started with your project, we are here to help. Please contact us directly about the details of our business proposal.

Do you do floor plans?2018-08-21T18:53:19-04:00

Yes. In our consultation, we are able to design facility drawings for your project.

Do you do electric and/or construction work?2018-09-24T08:19:50-04:00

No. Salt Caves Canada Inc. does not do any electrical work or construction work that requires building or taking down walls. This is the owner’s responsibility to have the facility and/or area ready for our crew to begin the project.